Unraveling Wing Chun Siu Lim Tao


The first book in the series unravelling Wing Chun, Unravelling Siu Lim Tao explains the reason for practicing this form regularly as it lays down the foundation of any Martial Arts practitioners training.

A definite necessity for any serious Martial Artist.



Unraveling Siu Lim Tao is the first book of the series “Unraveling Wing Chun”. And as such sets the foundation of the Wing Chun student’s skill set. The importance of a good strong foundation has no equal in any environment and martial arts is no different. While other books in the series are of equal value, Unraveling Siu Lim Tao is of primary importance since it deals with the development of the foundation and can not be taught in a lecture type environment but must be practiced diligently in order to yield its benefits. Other Wing Chun forms such as Chum Kiu, Biu Gee, etc… can be instructed through partner practice since the information within is predominantly of a tactical nature, however, Sui Lim Tao is predominantly tactile training rather then tactical. Things like, structure, leverage, relaxation, tendon and muscle conditioning all have to be felt in order to be developed, which leaves only but the centre line theory that needs to be understood in order to be of use.


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