The Cumberland Martial Arts Academy brings you over 150 years of coaching experience. We take pride in selecting the best coaches who all meet the National Coaching Certification Program developed by COACH CANADA.

Our master, Robert Teske (Wing Chun 7th Duan), has 46 years of martial arts experience. He is also the Wushu Canada National Coaching Director which positions him quite well to select strong coaches with the right skills.

CMAA is a member of the Sunny Tang family, lineage led in Canada by Dunn Wah, who immigrated to Canada directly from China, in the early 70’s.

Our wing Chun Kung Fu lineage goes back to Yip Man, also known as Bruce Lee’s teacher. Yes, we are from the same family.

The effectivness of Wing Chun Kung Fu has been proven at all levels. So is the effectiveness of our coaches.