Robert Teske

Martial Arts Wushu Orleans Ontario

Name: Robert Teske

Rank: Wushu Canada Level 7

Years of Martial Arts Experience: 46


  1. Certified First Aid, CPR level C and AED resuscitation (St-John’s Ambulance)
  2. Wushu Canada National Coaching Director
  3. Wushu Ontario Sanda Committee chairman
  4. Making Ethical Decision course (Coaching Association of Canada)
  5. Accredited Senior Community Coach (Wushu Canada)

Sifu Robert Teske is a disciple of Grand Master Walter Jakimczuk and has been training in Martial Arts for the better part of 4 decades, he has attained black belts in Tae kwon Do as well as Goju Ruy Karate. He holds a Gold Sash in Wing Chun Kung Fu which he has been teaching for the past 21 years in Orleans Ontario Canada, having opened the Cumberland Wing Chun Studio in 1995. He has written a student’s training manual called “A student’s guide to Wing Chun Training” in 2000.

Sifu Teske is responsible for Wuhsu Canada Coach certification, finalizing the requirements as well as guiding coach applicants through the application process.

Sifu Teske has also been working towards promoting Sanda in Ontario, he has written the Wushu Ontario Sanda program, and is finalizing the rules and fighter qualifications that will be adopted by Wuhsu Ontario.