Joanna Tom

Martial Arts Kung Fu Orleans Ontario

Name: Joanna Tom

Rank: Wushu Canada Level 6

Years of Martial Arts Experience: 21


  1. Certified First Aid, CPR level C and AED resuscitation (St-John’s Ambulance)
  2. Certified Fitness Kickboxing Level 1 Instructor (Fitness Kickboxing Canada)
  3. Making Ethical Decision course (Coaching Association of Canada)
  4. Accredited Junior Community Coach (Wushu Canada)
  5. Certified Wushu Kung Fu Fundamental Skill Course (Wushu Canada)
  6. Certified Canadian Sanda Judging

Joanna joined the Wing Chun family in 1995 and holds a Black Sash in Wing Chun, Joanna is a student of Sifu Robert Teske whose training traces back to the late Grand Master Yip Man. Her contributions to the academy include leading a Wing Chun Women’s class and developing a Self-Defense workshop to instill positive thinking, confidence and empowerment to women.  She is also currently, training in Wushu from Judge and Coach Daria Kanel.

Besides her Martial Arts commitment, Joanna is a dedicated mother of two who are also being trained in authentic Wushu.